Audit and assurance 
Beyond compliance, we provide meaningful insights and recommendations for improving your organization’s operations and increasing your profitability.

Tax consulting
Paying taxes can feel similar to negotiating a purchase – you are left wondering if you could’ve paid less. We offer a wide array of tax solutions designed to maximize your profitability and minimize potential exposure to tax liability.

Social sector advisory
Beyond compliance, we provide meaningful insights and recommendations for improving your organization’s operations and increasing your profitability.

Internal audit
In an expanding risk landscape, Internal Audit has emerged as a critical lever for change. Now, more than ever it needs to rise to the challenge and demonstrate its value. We are driving Internal Audit innovation – merging the skills of our people with a robust, leading edge Internal Audit approach.

Corporate advisory
Corporate compliance is a complex legal matter. We help clients in fulfilling their statutory obligations right from incorporation, to mitigate the risk of corporate non-compliance.

Forensic services
Prevent, respond to and remediate your complex legal, regulatory and economic crime business challenges.

Accounting services 
To help you focus on your organization’s mission and growth, we offer customized accounting services that fit a wide spectrum of financial needs of our clients.

Business and risk advisory
Take a different perspective and turn your financial information into a profitable business vision.

System/ IT consulting
We are committed to helping you navigate through the challenges of information technology by effectively aligning the technology function with the overall business strategy.

Audit & Assurance

Providing assurance, insight, and peace of mind

Audit and assurance is a key to sustaining confidence in your company and its financial system. It is a valuable process that can identify which areas of your business need strengthening as well as uncover the untapped opportunities. Our audit professionals are trained to find these opportunities and help you put them to work to make your business stronger.

Looking beyond the numbers, we can be a proactive participant in the ongoing process of monitoring your business. Our risk-based audit approach stresses planning; critical thinking and business know-how, and we tailor each audit program to the specific engagement.

We assure our clients that whether the audit is statutory or for special purposes, the level of service we provide remains same. Our dedicated teams under the expert supervision are available for:

  • Statutory audits
  • Interim audits and reviews
  • Regulatory audits (compliance and reporting)
  • Special purpose audits
  • Cost audits
  • Forensic/ investigative audits
  • Non-audit assurance services

Internal audit services

Accounting Services

Looking beyond the numbers

Running an organization can be a complex job. Keeping on top of reporting deadlines and requirements with limited internal resources can make that job even tougher. To help you focus on your organization’s mission and growth, we offer customized accounting services that fit a wide spectrum of financial needs of our clients. We are here to assist you in all or any of the steps from a recording of journal entries to the compilation of financial statements.

Our services cover all aspects of the accounting function, including:

  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Preparation of annual financial statements (unaudited)
  • Processing of accounting information (assistance/ outsourced bookkeeping)
  • Preparation of financial projections/ prospective financial statements
  • Preparation and monitoring of budgets
  • Inventory counting and valuation
  • Fixed assets management (preparation and maintenance of assets registers, assets counting and valuation etc.)
  • Debtors control (sales invoicing, keeping track of bills, aged debtors analysis etc.)
  • Cash management (bank reconciliations, invoice/ payment processing etc.)
  • Audit facilitation (answering year-end audit queries, updating accounts with audit adjustments)
  • Payroll services


Corporate Secretarial Advisory

Corporate compliance is a complex legal requirement for companies registered in Pakistan. Our experienced corporate secretarial team assists our clients in fulfilling their statutory obligations right from incorporation, to mitigate the risk of corporate non-compliance.

Our diversified range of corporate services extend to clients include services relating to the Board of Investment, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, City Registrar and occasional liaison with government departments and ministries. We assist our clients with professional advice and services regarding:

  • Company incorporation/ formation
  • Registration of foreign branches and liaison offices
  • Registration of partnerships, trusts, societies and not for profit organizations
  • Drafting various types of business-related agreements
  • Listing of companies on the stock exchange
  • Statutory compliance and secretarial services (maintenance of statutory records, the filing of statutory returns, drafting notices and minutes of meetings for all types of statutory meetings etc.)
  • Communication with/ representation before corporate regulatory authorities

We also assist our clients in special circumstances concerning corporate restructuring and allied matters, including:

  • Alteration in memorandum and articles of association
  • Alteration in partnership deeds, trust deeds and memorandum of societies
  • Conversion of entities e.g., conversion of partnerships into limited liability company
  • Share capital reduction and share buy-back
  • Liquidation, winding up and dissolution of companies, partnerships, trusts, and societies.

Forensic Services

Delivering clarity and confidence

Powerful forces are changing the threat landscape for business. Even the most reputable companies are vulnerable to faulty accounting and other types of fraud. We help you build resilient strategies and solutions to protect what matters most: reputation and value.

We look beneath the surface, go beyond the obvious and apply intuition, critical analysis and a perceptive understanding of human nature to obtain a true picture of the events, transactions and business dealings to assist clients in the most difficult circumstances.

Our experienced forensic experts provide assistance in areas of forensic and investigative accounting to litigation support services and regulatory compliance to:

  • Analyze and investigate financial statements and reports for signs of irregularities.
  • Reconstruct events and activities involved in financial wrongdoing.
  • Audit records, investigate inconsistencies, and trace assets.
  • Interview individuals who created contributed to, or reviewed records under analysis.
  • Investigate employee frauds/ misappropriations.

Arbitrate/ mediate identified frauds.

Internal Audit

Delivering internal audit excellence

Globalization and technology are today’s core business drivers, with the potential to send unprecedented risks cascading across your enterprise – or propel you toward unprecedented opportunity. Our Internal Audit team helps you unlock these risks and turn them into a catalyst for growth, so you can step ahead of uncertainty.

We can help you in the following situations:

  • You‘re concerned that your internal audit function can‘t keep up with the changing risks facing your business.
  • You find it difficult to recruit and retain internal audit professionals in all of your key skill areas.
  • You need to supplement your in-house internal audit function with specialist skills.
  • Your internal audit function has insufficient resources to cover the geographic scope of your organization.
  • Your organization considers the internal audit to be a non-core activity so you want to find an external provider.
  • You need to assess the effectiveness of your risk management, internal audit, and corporate governance procedures.

Tax Consulting

Maximize profitability – minimize potential exposure to liability

With taxes, an ever-present cost component of business and investment activities, it is crucial that tax planning is thoroughly incorporated into overall business and investment planning. In order to maximize profitability and minimize potential exposure to tax liability, tax planning must be fully integrated into the structure of every transaction.

With our expert staff, we can help you attain optimum tax structure by formulating tax strategies, innovative tax planning and concurrently complying with tax regulations in a constantly evolving tax landscape. Our tax professionals will ease out the complexities for you to ensure maximum tax efficiency. In addition, we continuously keep our clients updated on reforms and developments concerning tax laws and regulations.

We offer a complete suite of tax advisory and compliance services concerning direct and indirect taxation, including:

  • Corporate and personal taxation
  • Advisor on direct and indirect taxation (Customs, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise)
  • Tax strategy and planning
  • Tax compliance (tax registration, preparation, and filing of returns, communication with tax authorities, tax withholding advisory etc.)
  • Tax accounting services
  • Tax audits
  • Litigation support services and representation before tax authorities concerning appeals, petitions, refund claims etc.

Whatever your need, we have the tax planning experience and capability to help position your business and investment activities for enhanced profitability.

Business & Risk Advisory

Services beyond the audit

Risk management and mitigation help organizations to maximize opportunities by focusing on growth, strategy and value creation. We play an important role in helping our clients reduce risks and deliver high-quality results, achieving their strategic objectives. Our business advisory professionals work side by side with our clients to identify and implement effective solutions best suited to needs of our clients.

We offer a wide range of business and risk related advisory services to our clients, including avail

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Market study and feasibility analysis
  • Internal audit
  • Business risk assessments and management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Preparation and evaluation of manuals/ standard operating procedures
  • Internal controls evaluation and advisory
  • Fraud prevention, detection, and investigation

Regulatory risk compliance (corporate governance, audit committee etc.)

Social Sector Advisory

Not-for-profit organizations have unique operational needs. They operate within a framework which increasingly receives attention and recognition, but which at the same time is confronted with more and more challenges. Organizations are constantly seeking the most efficient ways to manage resources while helping to ensure transparency and accountability to the public, regulatory bodies and the entities that support them.

Considering the significance of development/ social sector organizations in Pakistan, we provide innovative high-quality services to our clients helping them understand their impact on the society, optimizing their performance and managing their risks for achieving desired objectives in the welfare of society. Our range of services in the development sector includes:

  • Financial modeling and new funding models
  • Advice on legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Grant advisory services
  • Pre-award assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • Capacity assessment
  • Leadership and management coaching
  • Capacity building
  • Post-award assessments
  • Program assessment
  • Impact assessment/ studies
  • Financial monitoring
  • Value for money analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Third party evaluation

System & IT Consulting Review

Achieve maximum results with streamlined technology

To compete in the fast growing marketplace, businesses rely on intellectual and technological assets. Need for timely and accurate information is critical to making best decisions. In order to meet the business need, its technology must constantly evolve, which promises to add greater business value. We are committed to helping you navigate through the challenges of information technology. Our focus is to help you to understand, prepare and manage the transformation of the technology function and align it effectively with the overall business strategy.

We are adequately equipped to advise our clients in matters pertaining to:

  • Information Technology system analysis and design
  • Align technology resources with your overall business strategies
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Developing computerization strategies
  • Project management for implementing computerization strategies
  • Designing, developing and implementing accounting software
  • Acquiring and implementing software and hardware packages
  • Assistance in training programs