i. Field Force Staff

Field Force staff is a human capital recruiting and placement firm exclusively servicing the marketing industries. National Star Marketing NSM staff from executive to managers has played a decent role in the market through with energetic, passionate, well dressed, disciplinary approach and to fit according to the client nature of work. Our field force staff has kept the industry expertise to achieve your recruiting goals regardless of the need or situation. Our firm specializes in locating and placing individuals with the necessary action and experience to make immediate impacts with our clientele. We’re constantly updating our proprietary database to apply in the right opportunity that existing customer demand & desired.

ii. Audio/Video

Creating Audio video adds for our clients to reach out to customers in quick and efficient way. One image is better thousand words and a short movie/video is worth a million images team offers the best of their years of superior excellence and expertise, whether it is a promotional movie, informational video or educational video, you can trust us to deliver finely complied videos where each second counts. We offer in-studio shooting and on location shooting for TVCs, Documentaries, Industrial Product Demos, Education or Information Movies, Corporate Video, Television Broadcast, Event Video, Marketing Video, Real Estate Video production for education, Internet Video Production and Training Videos.

iii. Brand Identity

We offer extensive modes of corporate brand identity development using foremost digital tools including graphic design, corporate design, digital graphics, and multimedia art and web designing. With the advent digitization, the urge to develop a corporate brand identity has become the priority of all premium companies and organizations in order to establish a unique identity which signifies their brands and its main attributes.

iv. FB/Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp

Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Twitter produces results, builds brands loyalty and helps define an image. Among several hundred campaigns being run on Facebook, there are few that standout and inspire every one of us.

national star marketing NSM

v. Float Van

Our company is running a digital float van; this van has 3 sided digital displays for advertising of your brand which moves to cities, roads, commercial areas according to company plan. All the people who are on road must watch it because it is a unique idea and people love this kind of digital promotion.

vi. Float Rickshaw

Our company have launched float rickshaw last year, it has three light boxes separate from each other and each box is viewable form 8 A categories sided and 4 B category sides. Lights help them to clear the view, if you are running it at night. This is a good & cheap kind of promotion.

NSM key objectives in Marketing are:

Increased Brand Awareness…..

More Inbound/Outbound Traffic….

  • SMS Marketing
  • Bill Boards
  • Bus & Terminal Branding
  • Ad Master Magazine
  • Store Intercepts
  • Stall Operation
  • Cooking Competitions
  • Free Sampling Activities
  • Town Storming
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound/Outbound Call center
  • Event Management
  • Sponsor Generation and free stalls on Expo’
  • Print Media
  • Corporate clients
  • Retention of clients
  • Returning customers



zameen solutions is a project Of NSM